Custom website

 500,00 1.380,00 VAT excluded

Professional website with personalized CMS, Iboxse hosting for 12 months, technical support and administration panel for content management. (The domain must be purchased separately)


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The package includes a website with customized CMS and installed on our hosting. The service provided in use to the customer is not exclusive, provides an annual fee for the maintenance and cost of activation and customization.

The customization service will be agreed in advance with the customer. One of our experts will contact the customer for further details and information. In that phase you can decide whether to confirm the order or cancel it.

The activation times are about 15-30 working days (barring unforeseen events) from the delivery of the materials by the customer, may vary from the period and from the customer’s collaboration.

Website features:

The site will be compatible with most browsers currently available and responsive for a better view on smartphones and tablets. The system includes the administration panel for content management and technical support for the entire contract period. Any customizations only concern the front end of the platform. Customizations: Base includes the insertion of the logo and the color customization; Smart, header and footer structure customization; Advance, complete personalization of the structure.

Conditions of use:

By placing the order, the customer declares to have viewed the additional information and a demo of the service and to have been informed about the limits. In case it is not satisfied, it can deactivate the service within 15 days from the activation date. In this case, the cost of the fee will be refunded with the exception of the activation cost and possible fee on the domain. Other costs for personalized services will not be reimbursed (activation cost, various customizations and domain registration).